Our Story

Ignazio Gentile a young man born in a small town in Sicily was inspired by the idea of crossing the ocean, risking it all and creating a better life for his family. He immigrated to Canada in 1954 along with his wife and five children.

In 1959 he opened what is known today, after almost six decades as one of Montreal’s finest landmarks, Cafe Gentile.

Ignazio and his youngest son Antonio shared a passion for hard work and learned all they could about the coffee and food service industry, including what it takes to run a successful restaurant.

Experiencing great success, his son Antonio with the help and support of his wife Teresa has taken heartwarming Sicilian inspired meals and flavourful coffee to a level of excellence.

They have passed on their passion for coffee and food to their children, transferring their work ethic and the essence of their homeland creating a legacy that will continue within their growing family.Cafe Gentile Westmount… the next generation will continue to welcome old and new friends while continuing the tradition of Nonna Teresa’s comforting meals and delicious coffee. Times may have changed, but our quality and devotion to our customers has not. Thank you for your continued support!

The Gentile Family.